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    Marijn is a digital strategist who has developed internet-driven business models since 1995. Her experience helps businesses to transform their organisation, by tuning-in to a shared vision and guiding people to overcome obstacles. Her acute awareness of new technologies, such as nano-satellite connectivity for IoT, can unlock new opportunities for clients.


    With her partner network rooted in innovation and sustainability, Marijn helps organisations to gain deep customer insights by looking beyond industry boundaries and traditional supply chains. She works in a collaborative way, breaking down silos, inviting outsiders to the table. This informs strategy for better customer experience, efficient operations and new revenue streams.

  • Areas of expertise

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    Digital Strategy & Brand Building

    for front runners


    powered by 20 years of digital experience


    Marijn Driessen is founder of FluidNations and supports business leaders who see their markets being transformed by the internet. Our relentless focus is on your customer and what they experience, up and down the value chain. We know how to future-proof your organisation in a highly connected world. How we do this? Get in touch.

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    Responsible business

    create shared value

    Ecosystem panels

    powered by a vision for change

    We design collaborative panels so you can build an ecosystem for transformation and create shared value in partnership. This will unlock business cases that are innovative, socially just and within planetary boundaries. 

    Tap into our expert-network, focus on joined-up action in a circular economy.

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    Unlocking People

    transforming organisations

    Team coaching

    powered by 20 years in business innovation


    We nurture effective team habits that make strategy work in the face of relentless change. FluidNations designs, articulates and helps to deliver strategy with a clear vision. Yet, organisations often fail during execution. Particularly when reimagining their future.

    Our coaching approach is based on Stanford scientist Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset.

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    Lessons from China's leaders

    deep insights

    Author of Marketing to China's Netizens

    book Marijn as your speaker

    Research that unlocks lessons of industry

    frontrunners: e.g. this analysis heightened

    awareness of influencer marketing with CMOs around the world. With a strong foothold in Asia, we recognised early on that digital innovation is ahead of the curve in China. Tap into lessons from our network in Asia and in-depth interviews with local business leaders.

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  • About Marijn Driessen

    Marijn works with business leaders who are front-runners and share her intent to contribute to a sustainable economy. IoT is an enabler of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as recognised by the UN. Responsible organisations seek to generate value beyond profit; people and planet. Marijn has been working on sustainability business cases since 2005 for organisations including Toyota, Open Industries and Hiber.


    After kick-starting her career in Asia Pacific selling supply-chain software to Chinese factory owners, Marijn marketed one of the first IBM SaaS solutions. Her international career has spanned three continents, in Hong Kong, Washington DC, London and Budapest. She is currently practicing out of Amsterdam. Marijn has worked on the development of global internet-driven business models since 1996 for organisations including IBM, Vodafone, Accenture and Hiber.